Meet Your SLOCUE Board

As a regional affiliate of CUE, SLOCUE has an elected board of directors made up of individuals from all around the Central Coast. Per our bylaws, each director is elected for a term of three years, and officers are elected annually. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about your SLOCUE board. We welcome you to contact any of us to discuss SLOCUE business, learn about upcoming events, or seek information and support for technology and innovation in your local schools!

Johnme (2) (1) Miller – President (Twitter: @JohnMillerEDU)

John lives in Paso Robles and teaches 7th Grade History at Chalone Peaks Middle School in King City. A 23-year educator, John is passionate about MinecraftEdu and Google Apps. John loves helping teachers incorporate edtech into their curriculum, and enjoys making new, local connections and building up his personal learning network.

3de3d378fc719d946faae4fdf380f334Pam Hernandez – Vice President (Twitter: @pgilders)

Pam lives in Paso Robles and is the Superintendent of the San Antonio Union School District in Lockwood. This is her first year in the position. Pam taught for 17 years before becoming an administrator. She started her career as a primary school RSP teacher in Greenfield, before moving to the same position at Vista Verde Middle School. Following this she taught at San Lorenzo and Chalone Peaks Middle Schools in King City.Pam has taught all subjects and grade levels in middle school and developed her expertise in English/Language Arts, special education and remediating dyslexia. Pam has a passion for incorporating digital technologies into instruction that began when she was able to incorporate adaptive reading comprehension software into her instructional practice alongside audio books and student blogs. Her passion has continued to grow as the tools develop creating opportunities such as being able to Skype globally, use Google tools to support instruction and focusing on the implementation of the SAMR model to redefine student learning and engagement with the instructional process.

Pam enjoys her work with SLOCUE as it affords her the opportunity to stay connected with innovative, forward thinking classroom teachers. In addition, she appreciates the focus that SLOCUE places on recognizing teachers for their professional expertise while also connecting dedicated and passionate educators across the spectrum of positions that support students in getting a 21st Century education.


Profile PicRich Hovey – Vice President (Twitter: @TeacherHovey)

Rich lives in Arroyo Grande and is an English teacher at Grizzly Youth Academy in San Luis Obispo, where he joined the staff in 2014 after nine years at Del Rio Continuation High School in Atascadero. Rich has been a teacher for fourteen years, almost all of them in alternative high schools. Rich loves working with at-risk teenagers, and joined SLOCUE as a way to connect with educators outside the small campuses where he has worked. Rich is passionate about Google Apps, Project-Based Learning, and other tools or strategies that help his students reengage and succeed in school.

ericEric Jarvis – Treasurer (Twitter: @EricJarvis)

Eric lives in Los Osos and works at Los Osos Middle School. A 24-year educator, Eric teaches Language Arts, Social Studies, and Digital Media. Eric is passionate about digital media, coding, collaborative learning and sharing opportunities for students, and cross-curricular project-based learning. Eric has been actively involved with CUE and SLOCUE for over 22 years because he enjoys working with educators who are passionate about making student learning meaningful, engaging, creative, and connected to real-world pursuits.

98bd8becea90ed94c83cd9bda8472a66Scott Burt – Secretary (Twitter: @BurtTeacher)

Scott lives in San Luis Obispo and is a Social Science teacher at Grizzly Youth Academy. A six-year educator, Scott is passionate about Google Apps for Education, and about teachers’ ownership of their own professional development. Scott joined SLOCUE because he realized that to succeed in this profession, you must join and participate in a network of passionate educators who will push you towards mastery and innovation.

me at computerPat Judd – Member (Twitter: @tinuviel0922)

Pat is a resident of San Miguel, California and teaches math and science at Chalone Peaks Middle School in King City. Pat has been teaching in California for 27 years. The first 13 years, Pat was  a Special Day Class teacher. Pat then went on to teach Math I classes for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade ELL and Intervention students. For the last 12 years, Pat has been teaching 6th grade math and Science. Last year, in her STEM classes, Pat expanded her skills and added MinecraftEDU as part of her STEM curriculum. Pat was awarded Teacher of the Year for the King City School district in May 2015.

Pat embeds technology into her teaching, making visible her belief that 21st Century teachers teach through technology, not using technology as a supplement. As her district is a GAFE district, Pat has been able to redefine her teaching over the last several years. Her students learn how to use Google tools to create innovative and thought-provoking products to demonstrate their learning.

This is Pat’s first year as a member of the SLO CUE board. She appreciates every opportunity to meet and stay connected with other innovative and passionate members of the educational community. Pat also enjoys presenting at SLO CUE Connects, other CUE venues and Google Summits. Being a presenter provides Pat with the opportunity to share her passion for technology and learning with other teachers. By building a PLN of like-minded innovative educators, we all become stronger. SLO CUE provides the conduit for many of those connections.

YRPWeBnALisa Nowakowski – Member (Twitter: @NowaTechie)

Lisa teaches at King City Arts Magnet School. She is a Google Certified Teacher & Trainer, and has presented at CUE RockStar events in California. She was in the first cohort for Innovative Educators Advanced Studies Certificate and a Leading Edge educator. In 2010 Lisa was awarded the Crystal Apple Award sponsored by the local NBC affiliate. She has been an Ed Tech innovator in her district for over 15 years. She was, most recently, named Teacher of the Year at her school. Lisa currently teaches 5th grade at King City Arts Magnet. As a district technology leader, she pioneered 1:1 Chromebooks in her school and district. It is her belief that students of all ages can take advantage of all that Google has to offer.

traci-2aTraci Theiss – Member (Twitter: @EdtechSLOCOE)

Traci lives in Atascadero and is a Senior Coordinator in Educational Technology for the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education. One of Traci’s current areas of focus is using collaboration tools to help teachers be able to create and share curriculum with each other throughout all our county schools. Traci feels it is a great way to partner resources between San Luis Obispo County Office of Education and San Luis Obispo CUE. She wants to help our local teachers in all areas of education technology by providing as many learning opportunities and networks for them to be supported.

2015-07-07 09.43.52Juli Kimbley – Member (Twitter: @JuliKimbley)

Juli lives in Fresno. An eight-year continuation high school math teacher for Fresno Unified School District, Juli also works for CUE, where she manages the Google for Education projects, facilitates CUE Rock Star events, facilitates the Advanced Study Certificate for Educational Technology and is a member of the Professional Learning Team as a Professional Learning Specialist. Juli is passionate about helping fellow educators reach their potential and help the students of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow. She is involved in SLOCUE because she desires to be part of a group of individuals who are like-minded and ready to change the world. Juli desires to help build SLOCUE to be a change agent for implementing technology into the lessons. She has attended SLOCUE’s events and has been impressed with the attitude of desire to help others become the best that they can be.

MarshaPic1-4x5lgMarsha Lifter – Member

Marsha was born and raised in LA and moved to SLO about 20 years ago with her husband, whom she met while teaching a class in how to use the Apple computer for LAUSD. She has taught for over 50 years, everything from Kindergarten to technology for teachers-to-be at Cal Poly! Marsha taught at Cal Poly for 13 years before retiring. During that time she had 26 books on technology published, both for teacher use and step-by-step books for students to use with computer programs. She was a member of CUELA in the beginning and switched to SLOCUE after moving here. Her passion in technology has always been to get teachers involved and comfortable.

IMG_0509Pat Renshaw – Member

Pat is a media technician for the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education. She operates and produces programming for SLOCOE’s Educational Television Channel COETV.

Kids Creating COOL w/Scratch

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Meet your candidates!

SLOCUE would like to present the candidates for the next SLOCUE Board. Each candidate was asked to submit a statement of candidacy along with a short bio.

Current (paid) members of SLOCUE will be able to vote beginning December 22nd. Check you email for voting information. Voting closes on January 4th.

Eligible SLOCUE voters may vote for up to five (5) candidates on the ballot. SLOCUE members elected through this process will meet in January and appoint an executive board to include a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary, and a treasurer.

Scott Burt – Del Rio Continuation High School (Atascadero Unified)

I am a classroom teacher committed to providing student-centered education with the assistance of technology. My current school, Del Rio Continuation High School in Atascadero, embraces technology in the classroom and is very forward-thinking. Our four classrooms are 1:1 with desktop computers and we use GAFE extensively. Although a young teacher, I have vigorously pursued professional development opportunities through SLOCUE, CUE, California Council for the Social Studies, EdCamp, and my current position as a Hollyhock Center Fellow with Stanford’s Center to Support Excellence in Teaching. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as a SLOCUE board member to continue developing as an educator as well as contributing to and strengthening the Central Coast’s Professional Learning Network.

About Scott

I started my career as an educator teaching English in Mongolia with the United States Peace Corps. After successfully completing my service, I enrolled in UCLA’s Teacher Education Program, where I earned my single-subject credential in Social Science and a master’s degree in education. I am currently in my second year at Del Rio, where I plan for and lead instruction in US History, World History, Political Science, Economics, Project-Based Learning, Debate, and the #20time Project. You can find out more information about me through my classroom website at and my blog at

Pam Hernandez – Paso Robles School District

I’ve enjoyed being a part of the SLOCUE board for the past three years serving in the role of secretary and being a part of the founding team of our affiliate’s annual SLOCUE Connects professional learning event. The board has gained momentum the past couple of years, revitalizing the local membership by hosting CoffeeCues, BrewCues, Google Connects and Edcamp events. It has been an inspiring to work with equally passionate local educators to grow professionally on a personal level while also supporting a collaborative professional growth process with other teachers and administrators from the San Luis Obispo area.

SLOCUE has a growing membership and an increased number of professional learning as well as networking opportunities on the calendar for the upcoming year. It is my hope to continue serving our local educators as a member of the SLOCUE Board.

About Pam

Pam is a CUE certified Innovative Educator and Leading Edge Certified in Online Blended Learning. She is passionate about incorporating digital literacies into the instructional process and her professional learning network. She is currently serving as the assistant principal at Flamson Middle School in Paso Robles. Find her at @pgilders on Twitter.

Rich Hovey – Grizzly Youth Academy

SLOCUE is connecting and showcasing innovative educators who, up until now, have been doing great things in isolation and obscurity. That is an important phenomenon, but I believe SLOCUE ultimately has two greater missions:

1. To welcome all teachers and support their professional growth, regardless of their experience or their proficiency with technology.

2. To facilitate conversation and collegiality among a wide range of educators who otherwise might never meet.

SLOCUE is already working toward these goals, primarily through its organization and support of trainings, workshops, and other professional development events. But those events reach and serve a relatively small audience. My hope–as a SLOCUE member and as a teacher looking to connect with and learn from other professionals–is to grow that audience, to project SLOCUE’s influence and offerings further into districts and staff rooms where our organization is often dismissed or escapes notice.

I am passionate about educational technology, keeping up with the latest trends in EdTech, from PBL and makerspaces to genius hour and blended learning. I work at the front lines of technology adoption and advocacy, currently completing the successful rollout of Chromebooks and GAFE with my own students. As an active member of a regional and statewide PLN, I have built the connections and goodwill to help reach out to our local districts and garner support for SLOCUE’s priorities. With experience in private, charter, and traditional public schools, I understand the wide range of settings, traditions, and priorities of our area teachers.

About Rich

I am an instructor and advocate for at-risk youth. I teach English, although conversations about my work often turn to the life skills, job skills, and technology skills I develop in my students, helping them acquire a competitive footing in their careers and in life. I began my career at Phoenix Continuation High School in San Jose, California. After two years there and one year at a private school in Hawaii, I spent approximately ten years at Del Rio Continuation High School in Atascadero, before accepting my current role at Grizzly Youth Academy.

Eric Jarvis – Los Osos Middle School STEAM  – San Luis Coastal Unified School District.

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve on the San Luis Obispo CUE executive board in a variety of capacities for the past fifteen years. During those years, I’ve chaired or co-chaired several half- and full-day educational technology conferences, led SLOCUE in-services on a breadth of topics, facilitated BrewCUEs, managed SLOCUE’s finances, filed taxes and other documents to the IRS on SLOCUE’s behalf, submitted required affiliate documentation to CUE, and worked to foster greater sharing and collaboration among innovative educators throughout San Luis Obispo County.

It is my intention to assist SLOCUE as we continue to grow and promote the effective use of technology in the classroom. As a strong and long-term supporter of project-based learning and the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), I believe that our organization must support the use of technology as a tool for CREATING and COLLABORATING as opposed to simply a means to more efficiently replicate the ways we’ve presented and/or managed instruction in the past. I will also work with  SLOCUE to continue and expand upon its efforts to provide networking opportunities for innovative  SLO County educators.

About Eric

I am currently a sixth-grade STEAM teacher at Los Osos Middle School, where students work in a one-to-one  technology environment to demonstrate learning by CREATING projects that require a wide range of twenty-first century skills.

I’ve been an active member of CUE and a regular presenter at CUE Conferences and events for the past twenty-two years. I am SLOCUE’s current treasurer and a past president several times over.  I have served on CUE’s Conference Committee from 2004 to 2008 where I was responsible for planning CUE’s Conferences in Palm Springs.

Additional Experience:
Google Certified Teacher and regular presenter at CUE Conferences and Google-Sponsored In-services

Producer of student-created public access television programs on SLOCOE COE-TV Channel 19, including The Lion’s Roar, Sunnyside Up, Tiger Tales, and more.

EdTech TOSA for San Luis Coastal Unified School District from 2006 to 2011.

Recipient of CUE’s Outstanding Technology-Using Educator, 2002 – – @ericjarvis

Patricia Judd – Chalone Peaks Middle School

Openness to experience, capacity for learning and fostering collaborative learning, ability to foster engagement, and ability to work in a team are important 21st century skills for students and teachers. In today’s academic environment of Common Core, high stakes testing, rigorous standards, and maximizing student achievement it is important for teachers to reach students in a meaningful and authentic way. Many of today’s students are connected to technology via social media in their everyday lives when not in school. These students have grown up with technology indeed they have never known a world without the Internet, whether or not they have it in their home.

The challenge for today’s educator is not to just use technology in the classroom as an add-on, but to teach students through technology. We need to reach students by using creativity, innovation and relevancy. With a network of innovative educators, such as the innovative educators at SLOCUE, this can become a reality.

I want to be a part of the CUE network that will continue to bring ongoing and job-embedded professional development to educators to address the new pedagogical skills essential to the 21st educators of today and tomorrow. We are all on this journey together. It is my hope that I can help to connect educators on the Central Coast with professional learning opportunities that will help to maximize the authentic and meaningful use of technology in the classroom for educators and students. Thank you for your consideration.

About Patricia

My name is Patricia Judd. I have been an active CUE member for the last 7 years. My educational experience spans 12 years as an SDC teacher and 13 years as a middle school teacher in the areas of Intervention, ELD, and 6th grade Math and Science. I have also been the AVID site coordinator and 6th grade AVID teacher.

I am a Google Educator and am working on becoming a Google Certified trainer. I have a Master’s Degree in Geoscience. I have presented at SLOCUE Connects, CVCUE, and Cal-Poly/SLOCUE. My web site is

John Miller – Chalone Peaks Middle School

I have enjoyed being Vice-President of SLOCUE for the past three years. During that time, SLOCUE has grown in many ways. We now have a successful annual event and multiple smaller events each year. I’m proud to say that I have played an active role in scheduling and helping to run all of our events and have reached out to school districts around the county offering SLOCUE’s help to support their technology integration.

I believe SLOCUE is the perfect vehicle to connect educators throughout our region around common interests, best practices, and technology. I want to see SLOCUE increase membership, provide more and varied, paid and free events around the county and reach out to other affiliates and connect via yearly technology events. Technology using educators in our region have so much creative energy to offer and, if re-elected, I look forward to working with them for the next board term.

About John

John is a 7th grade world history teacher in King City. He holds both multiple and single subject credentials and has taught middle school for the past 20 years. He has a MA in Educational Technology and Instructional Design from San Diego State University and presents regularly at conferences up and down the state, including at both annual and Fall CUE events.

He is a Google Certified Teacher, CUE Lead Learner, CUE RockStar faculty, and professional developer who enjoys implementing games like Minecraft for learning in his class, blogging with his students, and photography. John is married and has two adorable Westies. and @johnmillerEDU

Lisa M. Nowakowski – King City Union School District

It is my hope to help SLOCUE continue along on its journey of being an ed tech leader on the Central Coast. I have watched SLOCUE bring quality Professional Development to its members, and others, over the past few years. I am proud to say that I have been a part of this movement through supporting and presenting at various events.

As SLOCUE continues to grow and become the leading ed tech organization on the Central Coast, it will need strong, innovative ed tech leaders such as myself. I am fortunate to be able to present at CUE events throughout the state, including RockStar (Manhattan Beach), Annual CUE, and Fall CUE. This allows me to represent and spread SLOCUE’s message.

Throughout these past few years, I have watched as more and more members have become involved with CUE and SLOCUE. I believe this passion has come from the various conferences and workshops. In becoming a member of the Board of Directors, I hope to continue to help inspire, motivate, and guide others along their ed tech journey.

About Lisa

Lisa is a Google Certified Teacher & Trainer, and has presented at various events throughout California as well as helped others through her blog: She was in the first cohort for Innovative Educators Certificate (sponsored by CUE and Fresno Pacific) and a Leading Edge educator. She has been an Ed Tech innovator in her district for over 15 years. Lisa currently teaches 5th grade. As a district technology leader, she pioneered 1:1 Chromebooks in her school and district. It is her belief that students of all ages can take advantage of all that technology has to offer. @NowaTechie

Pat Renshaw – San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

It has been my pleasure to serve as SLOCUE President for the past 2 terms. I have been a member since 2009. And I would like to continue serving in some capacity on the board. As Common Core continues to the main front of education, we will need leaders to come forward and usher in the new technology needed to assist teachers in their training. I would like to be a part of that future.

About Pat

I have held the position of Media Technician for the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education for the past 14 years. I manage the Educational Television Channel COETV Charter Cable Channel 19. We air educational content chosen by a consortium of County Offices from around the state. I also work with our local school district offices, schools and individual teachers to bring locally produced television programs to air on our channel. You may have seen County Schools Update with Dr. Julian Crocker or Cuesta Sports Update with Pete Schuler of Cuesta Athletics which is filmed and aired on COETV. We also air Mustang News produced by Cal Poly students. And much more. My goal is to bring opportunities for students and teachers to share with the community what’s happening at our schools.