San Luis Obispo CUE Board Elections

It’s time to vote for SLOCUE Board of Directors for 2018. Current SLOCUE members may vote for up to four (4) candidates and will receive voting instructions via email December 15th.

2018 Candidate Profiles

Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez – San Antonio Union School District


Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez is the superintendent of the San Antonio Union School District. She served as a classroom teacher for 17 years before becoming an administrator. Pam continues to be inspired by the work teachers do each day with our students.


Pam Gildersleeve-Hernandez has had the honor of serving on the SLOCUE Board for two terms, assisting with bringing innovative and Ed Tech based professional learning to the Central Coast. She appreciates the opportunity to support the professional learning of both new and seasoned educators in every role that impacts the student experience. She is dedicated to supporting local education partnerships that enhance the resources available to support student and educator success.

John Miller – Chalone Peaks Middle School


I’ve been a middle school teacher in King City, California for the past 23 years with experience teaching grades 6-8 in every content area. I was awarded an MA in Educational Technology and I love to dive deep into instructional design.

I’ve been recognized as Teacher of the Year for Monterey County and been honored as a finalist for California State Teacher of the Year. In addition to being a CUE Lead Learner and Minecraft Global Mentor and Trainer, I am a Google Innovator and co-author of two Minecraft for Kids books.


It’s been my pleasure to serve on the SLOCUE Board these past 3 years. We have grown in number, put together several tremendous events across the county, brought in national keynoters such as Alice Keeler, Lisa Highfill, and Alice Chen to share their knowledge, and broken down barriers between districts as we have made new friends. It is my hope, that with your vote of confidence, we can continue to do great things in SLO County.

Terri Rodman – Education Premise LLC, Grover Beach


Terri Rodman – 22 years K-12 teacher. Three years ago I became part of a team rolling out 800 netbooks in grades 3-6. Solving technology challenges in my own classroom provided the opportunity to teach peers who were shy about using technology. I was so inspired by the power of technology in the classroom, I went back to school and earned my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology at Purdue using their distance learning program. I am a volunteer speaker for SLO CUE, KERN CUE, and Google Summits. You can find some of my experiences and writings at Thank you for your consideration.


CUE is the ultimate personal learning network. I appreciate the vision CUE presents to support communities of teachers using technology in large and small venues. I rely on the student centered solutions offered by CUE and their volunteers. As a CUE member, I am afforded the opportunity to learn from others with common experiences and I am encouraged to share my technology successes with others. I am dedicated to contributing to the support and encouragement CUE provides during this transformative time in education. I started learning with CUE with one small coffee shop meeting which lead to speaking at the National CUE Conference in Palm Springs. I value the work necessary to continue CUE’s vision and it would be a high honor to be elected to the SLO CUE Board.

Traci Theis – San Luis Obispo County Office of Education


Traci lives in Atascadero and is a Senior Coordinator in Educational Technology for the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education. One of Traci’s current areas of focus is using collaboration tools to help teachers be able to create and share curriculum with each other throughout all our county schools. Traci feels it is a great way to partner resources between San Luis Obispo County Office of Education and San Luis Obispo CUE. She wants to help our local teachers in all areas of education technology by providing as many learning opportunities and networks for them to be supported. You may have attended one of our ed tech events in the past few years and we hope to see you at the Innovation Learning Summit in Spring of 2018.


I hope to continue supporting the SLO CUE Board to help bring professional learning opportunities to our local SLO County educators. You may have attended one of the many ed tech events that have been done in our area such as Ed Tech Connects, Google Connects or Innovation Learning Camp. My goal is to help grow these exciting opportunities to learn from our colleagues and showcase student achievement. Working as the SLOCOE Ed Tech Coordinator and having taught science, math and tech for over ten years, build collaboration events for our districts with the SLO CUE Board. Please watch for further info on the Innovation Learning Summit coming in the Spring of 2018. Thanks for your vote on the SLO CUE Board.

Professional Development Opportunities with SLOCUE 2016-17

It’s back to school and time to return to rich and full-featured professional development brought to you by CUE and SLOCUE. We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education (SLOCOE) this year and have two fabulous local events planned already.

Take a look at the offerings form CUE, SLOCUE and SLOCOE for 2016-17:


The CUE Fall Conference kicks off the year on October 28-29 at American Canyon High School in Napa Valley.


Our first local event will be on Saturday, November 5th at Arroyo Grande High School. The event runs from 8:30 AM – 3 PM. Registration is open now. Keynoting EDtech 2.0 will be the amazing Alice Chen. For more information, check out the flyer.


In March, it will once again be time for the CUE National Conference in Palm Springs. The dates for this year’s event are March 15-18, 2017. Join SLOCUE members and 6,000+ colleagues in the desert for fun and learning.


Finally, on April 1, 2017 we will co-produce our second annual Innovation Learning Camp at Templeton High School.

April EdTech Events

Happy Spring from SLOCUE!

It was great connecting with so many SLOCUE folks at National CUE last month. Great session topics, amazing hands-on playground fun, and numerous networking options made for a productive experience for all. We return refreshed and excited about new opportunities ahead.
 We have two fabulous local events coming up this month we’d like to share.

1. EdCamp Santa Maria is next weekend, Saturday, April 23rd at Righetti High School.

EdCamp is an opportunity for teachers to come together and learn from each other about the best things going on in classrooms. Teachers are always looking to improve their practice and EdCamp is a great way for them to build collegiality, to share their own successes, and find ways to make improvements that lead to improved learning with their own students. 

EdCamp is FREE professional development offered locally and hosted by the Santa Barbara CUE group. This year they have great sponsors and will have prizes including books from great education authors (Ditch that Textbook, PowerUp, 50 things for Google Classroom), premium software licenses, t-shirts, and two of the local Rotary clubs are sponsoring lunch at no cost to participants. 

Visit to register for FREE.

Download FLYER.

2. Innovation Learning Camp is the following weekend, April 30th at Templeton High School.

Local EdTech Superhero Jon Corippo is the keynote speaker and we have multiple sessions scheduled. Interested in learning more about Makerspace? We have an abundance of experts scheduled to answer any questions you have. The afternoon’s highlight will be a STEM playground full of hands-on maker projects that you can use in your classroom.

You can find the current schedule by visiting this link. For more information and to register (deadline is April 25th) visit the SLOCOE website. Panera lunch is provided and we will have a drawing at the end of the day that will include a Chromebook giveaway.